What happens when a monument no longer represent our ideals?
Where do decommissned monuments go? How can we find a better way to cope with the past? 


Survey Guidelines:

  1. Read the The Relic Report: Part One (link)

  2. Reflect, Feel free to do your own research, fact-check, create your own questions and inquiries

  3. See enclosed mailer survey, and answer the (7) provided questions. And you can be honest, be imaginative, be weird. This study is not standard in any way, your reflections don’t have to be either.

  4. We want to send participants the forthcoming booklet (Part Two.) If you want a copy check that box and provide a mailing address so we can send you a copy in December.

  5. Mail the completed  survey back to us at:
  6. 530 Bush St #204, San Francisco, CA 94108

  7. Tell a friend, you can get your hands on this book by emailing us at: newmonumentstaskforce@gmail.com

Public Comment

The Relic Report is employing a Public Comment period (October 5 - October 25, 2020) to generate community input on SF’s monuments; past and present. Following the research presented in Part One, we ask residents to fill out the 7 question survey below. Commentary collected as part of this initiative may be published in the second booklet, which will be a culmination of community reflections and recommendations to the city on the fututre of SF’s monument landscape.


(SURVEY CLOSED December 2020)

Contacts: Email or Instagram