About the Taskforce

New Monuments Taskforce is a fantastical municipal agency engaged in the dialogue, design and development of Bay Area Monuments and Memorials. Led by a collaborative team of artists, activists, designers and cultural workers, NMT strives to broaden public understanding of local monuments and advise relative civic agencies on the removal, redesign or retention of SF’s statuary symbols.

We create space for radical research, critical conversations, political engagement and monument prototyping through artistic initiatives ranging from publications, to workshops, to exhibitions, to public art inteventions. We work with public art agencies and institutions to draw out potential connections, complex motifs and timely entry points for further action 

︎ @newmonumentstaskforce

Our inaugural art initiative, “The Relic Report (SF),” a two-part publication that evaluates the city’s public art and its intersection with our country’s racist history

Download Relic Report Vol 1
Download Relic Report Vol 2

Our second initiative was in partnership with ZERO1; where we created a workshop and empowered emerging Bay Area artists to reckon with monuments at a site of protest through the use of Augmented Reality.

We also Projected our Recommendations for New Monuments in public space at Yerba Buena Center for the SF Urban Film Festival.

Recently we initiated In the Future, a digital zine feature artists reimagining boundaries of public art and cultural memory work.

NMTF is made up of Anna Lisa Escobedo, Claire Flannegin and Cheyenne Concepcion.

Our Advisory Board includes: Paul Farber (Monument Lab); Elizabeth Gessel (MoAD); Bettina Wodianka (Goethe Institut) and Barry Threw (Gray Area)