About the Taskforce

New Monuments Taskforce is a fantastical municipal agency engaged in the dialogue, design and development of Bay Area Monuments and Memorials. Led by a collaborative team of artists, activists, designers and cultural workers, NMT strives to broaden public understanding of local monuments and advise relative civic agencies on the removal, redesign or retention of SF’s statuary symbols. We create space for radical research, critical conversations and political engagement through an artistic lens.

Our inaugural art initiative, “The Relic Report (SF),” a two-part publication that evaluates the city’s public art and its intersection with our country’s racist history. Download a PDF copy here, or keep scrolling

NMT Presents:

The Relic Report (SF) is an unofficial municipal study of San Francisco’s civic monuments and memorials and its intersection with our country’s racist history. The two-part booklet publication documents a playful investigation of monuments in the city’s civic art collection as well as the task forces' resulting recommendations to the city on how to more forward.

The Relic Report (part one) : Inquiry & Instructions 

The first booklet functions as a research guide of sorts -- an artistic interpretation of qualitative analysis, part one introduces defined subgroups as its primary frame of inquiry of the civic monuments in question. Subgroup analysis involves subdividing data points by qualitative characteristics (e.g. historical, race, aesthetic, form) or other variables to identify disparities and differences among subgroups. Subgroups in this study were created through a process of play and provocation. Subgroups are meant to initiate inquiry, expose irregularities and question the messaging and memory encapsulated by these statuary symbols. Intended to provide fodder for critical conversations around monuments in question, part one offers instructions for “public comment.”

Public Comment

Public comment is a democratic tool used to facilitate public involvement of stakeholders. Popular amongst politicians and planning agencies alike, we decided to employ a “public comment” period (October 5 - October 25, 2020) to The Relic Report to generate community input, and record reflections on SF’s monumental landscape. Donated perspectives, ruminations and recommendations may be documented in the final publication of the report. We are facilitating our Public Comment Process in-print (enclosed in booklet one) and online for your convenience.

The Relic Report (part two) : Reckoning & Recommendations

The forthcoming second booklet, “Reckoning and Reflection” will be a creative culmination of participant reflections donated through “public comment.” An artifact of our time together, part two summarizes main findings, common goals and further recommendations for civic agencies responsible for maintaining and materializing public art throughout the city. 

Report to the City

The Relic Report (SF) volume one and two will be  delivered to relative city agencies in November 2020 as a testament to our time together, as a relic of radical research and as a means to apply political pressure regarding more meaningful representation through public art in our public spaces.


Download a free pdf version of the book

What happens when a monument no longer represent our ideals?
Where do decommissned monuments go? How can we find a better way to cope with the past? 


Survey Guidelines:

  1. Read the The Relic Report: Part One (link)

  2. Reflect, Feel free to do your own research, fact-check, create your own questions and inquiries

  3. See enclosed mailer survey, and answer the (7) provided questions. And you can be honest, be imaginative, be weird. This study is not standard in any way, your reflections don’t have to be either.

  4. We want to send participants the forthcoming booklet (Part Two.) If you want a copy check that box and provide a mailing address so we can send you a copy in December.

  5. Mail the completed  survey back to us at:
  6. 530 Bush St #204, San Francisco, CA 94108

  7. Tell a friend, you can get your hands on this book by emailing us at: newmonumentstaskforce@gmail.com

Public Comment

The Relic Report is employing a Public Comment period (October 5 - October 25, 2020) to generate community input on SF’s monuments; past and present. Following the research presented in Part One, we ask residents to fill out the 7 question survey below. Commentary collected as part of this initiative may be published in the second booklet, which will be a culmination of community reflections and recommendations to the city on the fututre of SF’s monument landscape.


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