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In the Future

New Monuments Taskforce is excited to announce an open call to contribute to “In the Future,” a digital zine comprised of finished, multi-media works that re-imagine the future of monuments, memorials and public art.

Many creatives, artists, and activists have already begun  the process of imagining, designing, conversing, exhibiting, and prototyping what the future of monuments are and what they could look like in shared spaces...

In line with NMTF’s mission to create space for speculative futures, radical research and necessary critical conversations, this summer we’ve initiated a new project called IN THE FUTURE: a digital zine that will feature artists that have created multi-media works which seek to decipher, capture, and present the vision for future depictions and processes of memorializing and monumentalizing public representation.

For it’s first edition, our first inquiry is to the creative community:

How do you reclaim the collective sensory experiences that will tell the story of your community? 

In continuing the dialogue of monuments and memorials, including public art, we want to spotlight the many artists, activists and creatives that have already begun imagining, designing, speaking, exhibiting, and prototyping what the future of monuments may look like in shared spaces. These narratives are underrepresented in monuments and in the public realm, they are reclaiming and opening up the process for inclusivity and diverse representation. These are people who have been in conversations with their cities, communities, and within themselves to redefine the status quo of monuments. Therefore, In The Future centers on others who have developed ideas, practices, and images for the future of monuments.

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(Open Call Closed)

Marble & Media Lab


Marble and Media: Digital Activations of Public Memory is a ZERO1 creative laboratory co-led by artists Cheyenne Concepcion and Camila Magrane in collaboration with New Monuments Taskforce and emerging artists from across the Bay Area. 

To learn more about the Public Art Project, and view all of the artists’ projects, visit: ZERO1‘s public art page ︎︎︎

Lab Description:
2020 was a tumultuous year for SF’s monuments. Last year, following a national reckoning around race and representation, the toppling of X SF monuments across the city, and the controversy surrounding a design for a Maya Angelou monument, New Monuments Taskforce emerged as an artistic tactic to engage a critical conversation on the city’s civic monuments and the forces that uphold them. Guised as a fantastical municipal agency, New Monuments Taskforce is a platform engaged in the dialogue, design and development of New Monuments. We create space for critical conversations, radical research and experimenting with new ways of memorialization.

This workshop does just that. Over the 6-week workshop, as a group, we will had critical conversations on memorialization techniques from our Nation’s past in order to build on these themes for the future. We used Golden Gate Park’s Music Concourse as a site of investigation and experimentation. Using Augmented Reality, this workshop tests experimental methods of representation and analysis while challenging preconceived notions of monuments and how history gets written. Artists learned from examples of artists, writers and designers whose work also reckons with themes of memory and place. The final projects will consist of individual works that will be deployed in situ, as part of a public group exhibition.

2/17/21 - 3/3/21: Site Research & AR Development
3/3/21 - 3/17/21: Individual Project Development
3/18/21-3/31/21: Install & Trouble shooting
3/31/21-4/7/21: Exhibition Period

Participating Artists: 
Hannah Scott
Kim Nucci
Jeff Enlow
Mae Ross
Caleb Lightfoot
Paola de la Calle
Hena Muttreja

New Monuments Must

New Monuments Must, 2021
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts as part of SF Urban Film Festival

Relic Report Vol 2

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